Types Turntables

The first phonograph was invented in 1877 with the objective of recording and playing songs. This wonderful product was introduced by the famous businessman, Thomas Edison. Since then, during those almost 140 years, different types of record players have been developed due to the technological development. Let’s see the most influential turntable types:
  1. Idler-Wheel Drive: These turntables were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The most outstanding feature of these types was that the user was able to choose the speed of the motor, thus playing a vinyl faster or slower. Unfortunately, this new technology had its downsides, for example the sound quality was pretty bad.
  2. Belt Drive: It was the next generation of turntables, developed after the Idler-Wheel ones. Developers used a new technology in belt drive turntables: The Drive Belt was composed of an elastomeric rope that is responsible for turning the record. Due to this new elastic belt producers succeeded to absorb the motor vibration which earlier resulted in a bad sound quality (in case of idler-wheel drive turntables). However, according to customer’s reviews, belt drive turntables are not perfect either, as the elastomeric rope loses from its elasticity over time, which may result in uneven play. So, if someone buys this type, should not be surprised that after a while this key part of the record player needs to be changed. Fortunately, these ropes aren’t too expensive.
  3. Direct Drive Turntables: The first pieces of this type became available to the public in the end of the 60s. Some key parts of the two formerly mentioned types cannot be found in this one, such as wheels or belt. The heart of direct drive record players is the motor itself, which is responsible for speed and even velocity. As the whole system contains way less components than other types, it is way more reliable.
  4. Digital Record Players: We could say, that’s the new era of turntables (or more precisely record players), or the turntables of the 21st century. There are different types within this category, such as built-in or portable record players and they also come in many different styles: vintage, modern looking etc
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