Turntables - Record Players

What are differences between a turntable and a record player? “For the record, a record player is generally thought of as a turntable with a built-in amplifier and speaker(s). Portable units are typically record players.

A turntable is simply just that: a turning table to place the record on, and a pickup device (cartridge and stylus) that fits into the record groove, reads the information on the record, and generates a very small electrical signal to the preamplifier. The signal then travels on to the power amplifier for further amplification, and ultimately sound reproduction via speakers or headphones. Turntables are considered non-portable devices in that the more expensive and elaborate units require a fair degree of assembly time for setting them up properly and securing them in their place. In a word, turntables are intended to be instruments, but their quality can range from toy-like objects to high precision devices. The resulting sound reproduction ranges from horrible (cheapo-cheapo units) to exquisite (high quality