Introduction To Collection

This brief presentation is devoted to turntables: a seemingly simple device for playing musical recordings and for creating rather peculiar sounds. Recently, we have received a whole batch of these turntables for sale. However, first, we need to acquaint ourselves with this interesting piece of electronics in order to start selling them successfully. We have to be ready for any question (technical or not) that may originate from our customers. So, we have begun to scour the Internet in search of relevant information about turntables. This information is vast and very diverse ranging from its origin/invention to its physical characteristics and technical specs. My goal is to introduce you to our eclectic collection of this truly astounding, in my humble opinion, piece of electronic equipment and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions with regard to its use and obtainment. The most interesting and helpful links are located to the right side bar in Section “Links”. Now, let our journey begin.