Music Hall PA 1.2 Phono Amplifier

Music Hall PA1.2 Phono Amplifier The Music Hall PA1.2 phono amplifier is the perfect solution for attaching a turntable to a receiver or integrated amplifier.
Gain mm/mc 40dB / 60 d
Input sensitivity mm/mc 5mV/1kHz / 0.45mV/1kHz
Input impedance mm/mc 47Kohms/120pF / 100 ohms/120pF
Output voltage typically mm/mc 300mV@1kHz - 3mV / 0.3mV
Total harmonic distortion mm/mc <0.01 / <0.05%
Snr mm/mc -86dB / -68dB (-94dB / -75 dB A weighted)
Riaa curve accuracy 20Hz-20kHz / 0.5dB
Input voltage 15V/300mA AC
External power supply
Rigid extruded aluminum chassis
W4.2 x d6 x h2.1 in.
3 lbs. pkg.